Bring Coffee!

Wrapping up my second children’s book “Way Out Adventures” to send to the editor. Then I can start working on my next project. Yeah!!


Submission Logic


It’s not the submission that I take issue with its the process of elimination that causes a creative mind stress. Some of the guidelines are ridiculous and in today’s time who needs stacks of paper on their desk. It just makes sense to me email submission…. Why Not!  but that comes with its own monster of process. In technical terms your DPI has to be 300,  your megabytes can only be 40,  your word count can only be 1000, your OMG! has to be in caps. It’s a wonder that writers can write anything, because they spend all their time reading submission process. Good luck out there writers we’re going to need it.


More coffee please!

PS: Word count 117

Ten things you need to know about writers

1. They are human recorders.

2. They can mult-task.

3. We do our research, so don’t ever make us mad.

4.Some of us are introverts with a twist that makes you like us.

5. If we don’t like our world we just create another one.

6. We have an uncanny way with turning no’s into yes.

7. We hang out with Characters.

8. We keep all hours.

9. We speak the language of art.

10. Don’t ever piss us off, we been known to have poison pens

Five Ways to Bruise An Author’s Spirit…and Five Ways to Bolster It

Today I’m ruminating a bit on the author life…

Author life in today’s internet-saturated era has unprecedented highs and lows. Authors get immediate feedback on books, from more readers than ever before. It’s a wonderful thing, reaching more readers–but it does come with a price tag.

If you ask anyone who knows me well, they’ll tell you I have mentioned at least once or twice (read: at least ten times) that I’ve considered quitting writing. As in, taking down the blog, the Facebook page, the twitter account, stopping in the middle of series and just walking away.

Why would an author even think this, you might wonder. Most of you are encouragers who tell authors you enjoy them and try to build them up. So what things would bruise a writer’s spirit so much they would consider quitting?

I’m sharing a couple lists below of five things that bruise…

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